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6 Things You Need To Teach Your Boy Children Once They Reach The Age of 5

The age of 5 is a very vital stage in the developmental life of a child. It is that stage when your child has left his toddlerhood years long behind him, and has entered into the preschool phase.

The age of 5 is a big stage for them, because it comes with a more rational emotional control. They are "big boys" now. Science explains that the first 5 years of a child greatly determines how the rest of that child's life may look like, because the child's brain grows the most during the first 5 years of his life.

By the age of 5, much of the brain's function has been programmed, and that is the right time to inculcate the right teachings to your sons. There is a saying that what we learn from cradle lasts with us to the grave, that statement couldn't have been truer.

The brain continues to develop and adapt as we grow older, but those first 5 years are very crucial.

Oftentimes, we see a boy grow up to become a menace to the society, and we wonder what might have happened along the way. But truth be told, one of the major reasons why children turn out as bad eggs is due to lack of proper training during childhood.

It seems the training of the boy children is becoming more and more crucial owing to some of the bizarre social disasters that we have been experiencing and reading about these days. Most of the major atrocities committed in the society are carried out by the boy children, and that is really disturbing.

I know that as humans, we make the final decision on how we want our lives to turn out. We determine the kind of men we want to grow into, but if we must tell ourselves the truth, the parents are to be mainly held responsible for what their sons grow to become. As a boy child growing up, I know the kind of disciplines that were instilled in me which still guide my steps even in my adult years. So I am saying this from experience.

It is often said that training a boy child is more challenging than training a girl child. Well, we can't dispute that, but your boy children can also turn out as great gentlemen with just the right training during childhood.

At the age of 5, your child is beginning to have a bigger picture of the world. At that stage, the world might seem a bit scarier for him, and as a parent, it is your duty to get closer to him, and watch out for the changes in him.

At that age, there are certain vital teachings you need to inculcate into your boy child, and that is exactly what we are going to discuss in this article. What are those lessons your boy child needs to be taught at the age of 5 to enable him to grow into a great personality? Below are 6 of those things:


In the world that we live in today, being overly dependent on people leads to many woes. I've seen a lot of people who were messed up because they were depending on aunts and uncles for support in life, and when the expected support was not forthcoming, they lost their direction.

People who depend on others before they make it in life, do not usually go far. So from the age of 5, start teaching your boy child to be independent.

But that should be limited to his age. You can start by teaching him how to handle eating utensils like fork and spoon and feed himself, to make his own bed, and even to bathe himself, and not to completely depend on the nanny or the mother to do that for him.

Because that early lesson on independence will go a long way to help him in life.


At the age of 5, your son wants to be a "people pleaser." That means, he wants to always impress. He tells a lot of stories, and always wants those stories to sound good enough. And most times, those stories are furnished with lies just to appear good.

But try to make them not get away with the lies, no matter how hard they try to impress. Let them know that telling the truth always is the true mark of integrity, and they don't have to tell lies in order to make people believe them.


A 5-year-old child might naturally begin to be empathetic at this stage, but is it always like that for every child?

Your son at this age should be taught the importance of sharing the feelings of other people. Teach him how to share with others the little things he has, because that is the first step towards empathy.

He should learn to share things with his siblings and other kids, especially those who do not have. Teach him how to share his toys, snacks, etc. Teaching him that from that early stage will help him grow into a man that understands the feelings of other people.


Teach him how to handle his feelings, his anger, and frustrations. They should learn appropriate ways to communicate their frustrations, and not to lash out at objects or people during those moments.

Some boy children exhibit extreme behaviors at that age - they get more violent, aggressive, or melancholic. As a parent, you shouldn't ignore those signs. Teach him that the best way to handle their emotions is to talk about them, and make others see the reason they are angry or sad.

It is more advisable to address the behavioral patterns in his life at this age than to leave them until his later years.


The age of 5 is also the age where your boy child starts craving for friendships outside the home. Friendships become very paramount to him at that age. They begin to develop a likeness for certain people, and try to cultivate relationships with them. They want to please friends, and they want to be like the other kids.

But they should be made to understand that not everyone is worth keeping as friends, no matter how you like them. Teach them to be mindful of the kind of friends they keep, and to watch out for bad traits in their friends.

If you teach them that at that early stage, they stand a great chance of not falling for peer pressure when they grow bigger.


It's a saddening thing anytime we see grown-up men who cannot take responsibility for their actions. That exhibition of irresponsibility leads to a lot of social catastrophes, and these types of men always end up bringing shame to their families.

So the age of five is the appropriate age for you to start teaching your boy children that. Start by teaching how to attend to their school assignment on time, how to take correction for their errors, and how to take responsibility for things they spoil in the house.

And I believe that if you teach your boy children these 6 vital things, then the chances of your sons growing into great and useful individuals are very high.

What's your opinion on this? Do you have a boy child, and how do you deal with them? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section.

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