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Dating tips: How to ask a girl out properly

Wondering how to ask a girl on a date? Throughout the stages of dating, asking a girl out comes with the most highest nervousness . So we are going to be looking out how to ask a girl out properly in order to get a yes.

The first step is to start with what you know about her. If you have never had a conversation with her before, you can start with small meaningful talk such as a compliment, weather, talking about the day, ask about her hobbies. During this talks you need to observe how engaged she is because it will determine if you should go for the task or postpone it. Remeber your talks should show that you want to hangout with her.

The second step is to specify. When you suggest a hangout give a pre-planned agenda don't leave the planning to her. She will admire your thoughtfulness and initiative. 

Example: You said you love entertainment. How abou we go to see a live comedy this weekend.

Your suggestion should cover what you want to say, where you want it and when.

The last step is to Be mindful of how you present yourself. When you are having a conversation with her, make sure you aree keeping good eye contact, but don't make it too much. Maintain good posture, and avoid getting distracted. Always remember to put a charming smile. Make sure your tone is direct and inviting, avoid beat around the bush go straight to the point and be nice.

If she is interested in you, her body language will communicate that with you. Her gestures,smlies contributions and tone will be mirroring yours, don't forget that when approaching her.

Then after asking her out, if she is excited and says she is looking forward to it, then great! But. If she’s not, that’s also great.

During this conversation be real, relax and you see every opportunity as a learning experience. And experience they say is the greatest teacher.

Thanks for your time and for reading.


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