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You Are Not A Husband If You Do Not Have These Five Things

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Being a husband goes beyond just having a wife. There are five key things every man must have to be called a husband. If you don't have these five things, you should not be called a husband.

1. Age

Every husband should be older than his wife. Count yourself a husband if you are older than your wife. But if your wife is older than you, you don't have the right to be called a husband.

2. Wisdom

Every husband should be wiser than his wife. In fact, as a husband, you should have more knowledge and understanding than your wife. You shouldn't be called a husband if your wife is wiser than you, or has never come to you to seek advice. How would you be able to address issues in the house and/or maintain unity of your family when you are not wise and knowledgeable?

3. Cash

As a husband, you should be richer than your wife and should never run out of cash. If you want to earn the respect of your wife and family, you must always have cash to meet the day-to-day needs of your wife and family. Under no circumstances should you allow your wife to cater for the needs in the household; you would begin to lose your worth as a husband and the head of the home the moment that happens.

4. Tolerance

Every husband must be capable of tolerating his wife regardless of whatever she does to him. As a husband, you should never raise your hand on your wife no matter how hurt or angry you are. If you are the type that lose your temper easily or beat your wife, you should not be called a husband. You should know your wife very well as a husband.

5. Respect

Every husband must have utmost respect for his wife. No husband should disrespect his wife no matter what. Do not abuse your wife in any way either publicly or privately. Always respect her opinions. If you want to counter her opinion(s) or ideas, you should do so without disrespecting her. You should always make her see reasons why her opinions or ideas won't be accepted. If you are the type that often disrespects your wife, you are not worthy to be called a husband.

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