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Calabar And Akwa Ibom will Not Forget The History Of Mary Slessor, See Photos.

Mary slessor is a woman sent by God to deliver , the killing of twins , her history will forever remain in our life , her love will not waver , as long as women keep delivering twins, she remain unforgettable .

She is a strong woman , who went through hell , in Calabar land , she contact several diseases, left her land , a beautiful land and came to rescue our children .

Despite several bouts of illness and constant danger, she lived with the tribes, learned their language, and traditions, earning their respect and putting an end to some barbaric practises, such as the killing of twins.

Mary Slessor took in hundreds of set of Twains , who were left to die because of superstition , It was held that when twins were born, one of them was possessed by an evil spirit.

Because no one could tell which of the twins was the evil one, both were often abandoned or killed, and their mother ostracised.

"Mary Slessor realised it would take a generation of cultural change to bring about a difference,"

God bless a woman of love , care and wisdom , God bless her generation , God bless her life. Her name will continue to be thought at school , churches and many more . don't forget to like , comment and share for more update

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Akwa Ibom Calabar Mary Slessor


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