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The philosophies of doing things too much. What do you think?

There is a wise saying that says that 'What is worth doing is worth doing well"

What will come to one's mind is that we should always endeavour to do whatsoever task is being given to us well with all our abilities and all our strength.

Can it be said that we could endeavour to be our best at these endeavours or works of life?

And when we aspire to do our best, can it imply that we want to continue to explore and develop on these endeavours and the works of life?

It is based on the above that I want us to consider these philosophical sayings and to see if it truly depicts on what they say:

* When speaking gets too much, it results to lies

* When thinking is getting too much, it results to depression

* When one cries too much, it is said to result to one loosing one's sight

* When loving is too much, it makes one to get lost

* When caring is said to be too much, it can be taken for granted

* When playing is too much, it makes one seriousness to be doubted

* When trust is too much, it results to betrayal

* When working is too much, it results to stress which can also cause death

* When eating gets too much, it results to obsession

* When sleeping is too much, it results to feebleness, weakness and idleness

* When spending is too much, it results to no future

* When one wears too much of a make-up, one looses the natural beauty

* When looking is too much, focus is lost

* When life is given too much pursuit, one looses everything

Please comment on the above statements and let us know if it actually fits in to the realities of life.

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While the above too much causes disadvantageous events, there are some too much's that are really advantageous:

* when one prays too much, one gains everything

* when one exercises too much patience, one gains the whole world

* when one invests too much, one's future is guaranteed

* when one forgives too much, one has peace of mind

* when one is too much careful, one is saved from many evils

and when one serve God wholeheartedly, one receives unlimited and unspeakable rewards and testimonies.

Your comments would be highly appreciated.

Thank you...

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