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Why You Shouldn't Know Your Partner's Ex

As human beings, we form interactions on a daily basis. Sometimes, before meeting the person who becomes your partner, such a person might have been in a previous relationship with someone else. You might be curious, but the following are reasons why you shouldn't try to know your partner's ex:

1. Feelings of insecurity may arise:

It is better for you to only know your partner's ex in the abstract sense, that is, if you and your partner have talked about the person before. But you going all out to identify the person is just plain unnecessary, and unhealthy. Before you know it, you might begin to compare yourself with that person, or feel insecure about yourself anytime your partner brings up the person in discussions. The only time this is unavoidable is if circumstances happened to bring you to cross paths, as in a mutual friendship type of thing. But if you don't know the person, the best thing for you is to try not to know.

2. Unnecessary jealousy:

This is especially when your partner happens to work or school in the same place as the ex. You might get jealous of them if you don't trust your partner enough, and this is unhealthy for your marriage, if you're married, or your relationship, if you're not.

To avoid these things above, be careful about the kind of questions you ask your partner regarding their ex. It is okay to have an idea of who they are, what they've been through, etc, but sometimes, too much knowledge about someone, especially a potential rival, could be detrimental.

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