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Fiction: I Am Ending My Marriage Because Of These 5 Reasons (See Reasons And Give Advice)

My name is Josh. There is this lady I've been dating for several years now which I then got married to because of the way she behaves. She is this cool, gentle and beautiful lady that is very hard-working.

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I promised to marry her, a promise which I later fulfilled but, after marring her, she turned out to be a nightmare as I started discovering some things about her.

These are what she told me at the beginning of the relationship:

1) She had HND from Kaduna Polytechnics

2) She has Diploma in Computer Science

3) She was three months pregnant

4) That she was 27 years

My discoveries after marriage:

1) She doesn’t have any HND, infact no good WAEC result

2) She cannot even connect laptop to printer and print. She don’t know much about computer at all.

3) She was never pregnant. She had fibroid and that made her tummy big

4) She was 33 years.

Lie is one of the things that can easily destroy a marriage, because when a marriage is built on lie, it is just as a house is built without a foundation. If a house is built without the foundation, it will surely fall whenever the storm of flood strikes at it.

So when the relationship or marriage is built on lies, it will surely crash whenever the testing time comes.

Please share your advice?

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