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20 kinds of men that will naturally never be successful in life

Hello guys. I trust y'all are doing good. Today I bring you something many people need to know.

I will be telling you 20 kinds of men that will never be successful in life.

Success is determined by not only by God but it has a whole lot to do with you as a human.

A lot of things people do cause them to be unsuccessful so I hope when I highlight them today, if any of them is something you are practicing, you would make a U turn so it doesn't make you unsuccessful in life.

20 kinds of men that will never be successful in life are;

1.) A man who is afraid of failure.

It is almost impossible for someone who is afraid of failure to succeed in life. Failure doesn't make you a loser. When you try and fail you keep trying. Do not be scared of what people would say or think of you when you fail. Its better to fail until you succeed and tell the story, than to remain where you are simply because of fear.

2.) A man that is attached to his phone

If you are attached to your phone for the wrong reasons you are on your way to failure. Chatting, phone games, asking girls out, triple dating and unimportant things are things that take ones time and once time is gone it will never come back. All work no play makes jack a dull boy.. Yea... But much play less work will make jack an unsuccessful boy.

3.) A man that doesn't crave for knowledge.

The more you read the more you know, the less you read the less you know. Reading opens doors of ideas to you. Knowledge is really power. If you don't study you won't succeed. Have time to gain knowledge. Knowledge from God's word which is the map you have to go through this world well and knowledge that will help your future.

4.) A man that has no focus

When you have no focus and you are easily carried away by friends, parties, frivolities of life and all you will never succeed. Have focus and you will be successful cause you will always remain on track.

5.) A man that has no plans and no vision.

The key to failure is lack of vision. You wake up and you have no plans for your day. No plans that will lead you to success in life. When you have visions and goals, both long and short term goals it would help you greatly. If you don't plan your life who will plan it for you. Leave the crowd sit down and think of the best things you can do to succeed and succeed. If you fail to plan, you plan to fail.

6.) A man who procrastinates.

Procrastination is an enemy to success. I will do it tomorrow, tomorrow does not finish. Face your problems today and tackle them as they come. Never leave for tomorrow hat you can do today.

7.) A man that loves sleep.

If you love sleep you will never be successful. Sleep because you need it not because you love it. Sleep when it's necessary not when you are supposed to be up and doing. A man who loves sleep will not be successful. I will do it let me rest. Let such not be heard from you. Do the do, then rest.

8.) A man who doesn't realize that every second gone will never come back.

The day you realize that time is truly valuable, you will be successful. There's nothing like time well spent doing something that will lead to your success and the success of your generation. Use your time wisely so that when you look back at what you have done you would smile knowing that your tomorrow is sure to be good.

9.) A man who plans and doesn't act.

A good plan without action is like white rice without stew. You might have that good plan and idea but when you fail to stand up and act on it you will end up being either unsuccessful or postponing your success.

10.) A man who keeps bad company.

You want to be successful in life but your friends are drunkards. You wanna be successful but your friends love smoking and want you to go with them. There's a difference between friends and acquaintances. Do not judge anybody but be selective of those who are close to you. Your friends influence you in one way or the other. If you want to be rich be around good and godly rich people. If you want to be poor be around poor and plan less people.

11.) A man who misplaces priorities.

Some people do the right things at the wrong time, some do the right things at the wrong time. Do the right thing at the right time. Do what is important, set your priorities straight. Do things that are aimed towards your success.

12.) A man who does not honour his parents.

Many people disregard their parents feeling they are old and weak and have no power over them. They tend to forget that parents are the God we see. As far as a person carried you when you couldn't walk, cleaned you up when you would defecate on your body you should ALWAYS respect and honour them every possible way you can. This will attract God's reward and blessings to you and open doors all over.

13.) A man who is controlled by the opinion of others.

When you are worried about what people would say you won't succeed. All you should care about is what God thinks, people will always complain and you can't please everyone. Do what is right and forget about what people will say cause they will always say.

14.) A man who talks too much.

When you talk to much you spill more than you should. Do not be a talkative think and calculate and be sensitive. Don't tell your plans to people before you actualise them. Let people see your progress not your plans. Don't show off and don't expose yourself. Keep your cool and act on your plans. Not everyone that smiles with you really loves you. Be prayerful.

15.) A man who is not trustworthy and who doesn't have love in his heart.

Being trust worthy and having love in your heart is just too important. Be a good person and be kind. Love your neighbor as yourself. Even among people that are bad be good. Lobe yourself, love God and love people. What we do to people always comes back to us. Evil never pays. Do good and good will be done to you.

16.) A womanizer.

Womanizing is not a profitable business do not invest yourself, money or time in it. Do not be a man who sleeps around if you are not married. Pray, love a girl with all your heart, make sure she loves you, make sure God consents and settle down. It's that simple. Don't be a player, be patient and wait for the right lady, meanwhile make yourself the right guy. Sex outside and before marriage attracts God's punishment, as pleasurable as sex is, when you do it at the right time,(marriage) God will smile at you and you will have a joyful marriage. Be wise and you will be successful.

17.) A man that doesn't know that the more he gives the more he gets.

It is important to know that there are laws of life. Blessed is he that gives than he that receives. Don't give to receive, give to show love from your pure heart. Give and know that your reward is from above. Have the heart of generosity for God blesses a generous heart. Don't give and tell, give and let it be between you and God so he remembers to bless you.

18.) A man who doesn't have the fear of God.

You know the way you feel when you are in need of a job and your brother is the CEO of the company in which you want to work. You feel this confidence, this feeling of "e sure for me" that's how you would feel when you have the fear of God. When the commandant general of the world is your father you will be confident cause he's always there to make you be successful. A lot of people struggle with stagnation because they don't have connection when the connection is God. It's not all about asking God for things. It's about having a relationship with him, giving your life to him and truly loving him. God knows those that loves him and keep his commands and promises to protect his own. Don't you want protection, connection and success? Embrace God.

19.) A lazy man.

A man that wants to wake up to everything already done and already made. Life is not a boutique filled with already made clothes, you have to make effort and God will frown your efforts with success. You can't be lazy and be successful it is impossible. Laziness is = poverty.

20.) A wicked man.

There is no peace for the wicked. A wicked man will never be successful. Be kind hearted and be filled with love, what you would never want to happen to your family member don't do to another and don't encourage it. What you know would hurt your loved one don't allow to be done to another persons loved one. If everyone has love in his heart this world would be a very beautiful place. The change starts with you, yes you!

I really hope if you are on this list after today like right now, you would put yourself on the track to success.

Remember no procrastination. Start the change now!

Please drop your comments.

Thanks guys. Please follow me for more updates. God richly bless you.

Content created and supplied by: CutieCutieCutie (via Opera News )


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