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A hook up and a date : what is the difference?

There have been lots of debate on what 'a date or hookup' entails and this has been in the mind of every teenager when asked for a hookup. Here is a response on their actual meaning.

There is a difference between a first date and hookup. Be sure to know what exactly he is asking before before you leave your house.

I like the modern term “hook up.” When a persons asks if you want to “hook up” it means “Let’s have sex now!” A date is not required. Neither party is expected to pay for dinner, drinks, or a movie first. If you agree to hook up, the appropriate response is, “My place or yours?” In the olden days before this term came into common usage, it was assumed that men want sex way more than women do. We had to pretend to be all coy and innocent and requiring wooing and lots of money spent on dates. If we didn’t do all that silly play acting, men would think we were sluts and not suitable for a relationship, not someone to bring home to meet mother. With hook ups that all changed. It’s now perfectly acceptable for the girl, or woman, to ask the boy, or man if he wants to hook up. A guy you're going out on a date with has motive. He intends to start a serious relationship with you that will have a future and will consider a date as passive for him!

Take it or leave it, every guy needs a woman that can make a home and it starts at that very first day.

A rich guy May end up spending on whatever you order, and you'll think wow.... This guy is the real deal but have you taken time to study his excitement about you and what he normally discuss with you after that.Being covetous to a date has nothing to do with being real.. if he's the one to take care of the bills, allow him make orders or order within his budget. You'll know this from his choice of venue, the way he chose the table or stand to stay. Or you can even ask him, what's your budget for today.

I personally appreciate a lady, that puts into consideration the futuristic purpose of everything. But, be sure to breed some accommodating manners and try to work with the man's plan. Do you guys have any futuristic plan or discussions ?

If we elaborated well on d male and female gender specie duely,this days , a guy asking u out on a date is just to visit him in his house and probably have sex with the girl,so girls on the other hand capitalise on that to generate fund. The problem here is the general misconception of date. A date doesn’t necessarily lead to a “f__k” no matter how much money is spent. A hook up always leads to a f__k because both parties have already agreed that’s the purpose of the hook up, to have sex.

I don’t agree with those who say it’s always no strings attached, that there’s no romance, that it’s like a one night stand. It could be all of those things or it could be romantic and part of a meaningful long term relationship. I think it would be perfectly okay to tell a person you’re hooking up with that you love them. Hooking up just means it’s not necessary to go out on a date prior to having sex.

That doesn’t mean it’s not also nice to go out on a date sometimes, get a nice meal, see a good movie, have drinks at a bar. The change with hook ups simply separates those things from having sex. One doesn’t always have to happen before the other.

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