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3 keys to an evergreen love in a romantic relationship and marriage

Evergreen love, by definition is a love that never dies. It is a kind of love that renews itself on every blessed day. This is another dimension of true love. Lovers or couple who show signs of true love both in their words and their actions usually have evergreen love in their various relationships or marriages as the case may be.

Everyone wants that undying love and affection. We all want to be loved and cherished for the rest of our lives. We want to date or settle down with that one person who we can love, trust and cherish for the rest of our lives here on earth. But, looking at what is happening in our society today, it is believable that some relationships and marriages, even though love exist in them, the love they posses is not evergreen. Therefore, if you want an evergreen type of love in your relationship or marriage, acquaint yourself with the following secrets.

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1. True love.

Number one secret to an evergreen love in a relationship and marriage is true love. What is true love? You would ask. You may have been hearing people talk about true love, but you don't really know what it actually means. I'll explain it today here.

True love, by definition means a form of romantic affection that does not only base on feelings of lust, but also considered pure and positive.

If you and your partner or lover truly love yourselves, it means that your love for each other does not only end at lust. You love him or her just the way they are, and not because of what they have. Such a love will keep growing till eternity. Of course, this is the type of love everyone is itching for, but the question is, how many people are ready to show this kind of love? A love that requires no gain. A selfless love. An unconditional love. Only few people can give and show this kind of love.

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If you don't love your partner or lover truly, it is high time you developed more love for them if you want an evergreen kind of love.

2. Transparency

By definition, we can say that transparency in a relationship or marriage means openness. You and your lover or partner must reveal your true selves in front of each other. You need to be open to each other. If you and your partner are transparent or open to each other, you will give each other access to thorough scrutiny which is needed to check yourselves for digression.

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This will make you and your lover to easily know what you can do and what you can't do. It will give you the ability to know when they are going away from their norms and to call them to order. If you must lack anything in a relationship or marriage, do not lack transparency.

Transparency also means that you should not be secretive. You don't have to hide anything from your lover. Just be open. This will build trust and commitment in your relationship or marriage. Of course, this will make your love new everyday. In other words, your love for each other will remain evergreen.

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3. Be concerned about each other.

As lovers or couple, you must be concerned about each other. Help each other in whatever way you can. Make sure that both of you are always satisfied in all aspects of your relationship or marriage. With this done with love, your love for each other will remain evergreen.

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