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What it means if a guy demands sex before marriage —Pastor Kingsley Okonkwo

Pastor Kingsley Okonkwo popularly called Pastor K, founding and lead pastor at David's Christian Centre, has in a video released on Facebook a few minutes ago, revealed what it means if a guy demands sex before marriage.

According to Pastor Kingsley, when a guy is impatient, it usually means he is in love with sex and not in love with the lady. He said that when a guy is really in love with a lady, he understands that the relationship is a long-term thing, so sex or no sex, it will still happen one day.

But if he has short-term plans, he has targeted how far he wants to invest, and by telling him no sex, the lady is trying to drag him to invest more than he is planning. So when a guy is impatient, he usually doesn't love you.

If a guy loves a girl genuinely, and if the lady says no sex, he will appreciate that because he understands that there are no issues because, at last, you will still get married. He added that the guy will even value you for waiting.

He said if a guy does not love a lady, he will be threatening her that if you don't sleep with me, I will sleep with another person, which means he is all about sex.

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