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5 Qualities most women admire in a man

It's actually true that every woman has their own choice of the kind of man they want, but there are certain common qualities most women today want or admire in a man and some of these qualities are;

1. Responsible/hardworking; No woman will want a man who is lazy and irresponsible.

Besides, the dream of every woman is to marry a response and hardworking guy who can take care of them. However, hardworking and responsibility is known as one of the qualities most women admire in a man.

2. Independence; Every woman probably wants a man who is Independent.

Women admire men who depend on themselves and men who they can also rely or depend on.

3. Sense of humor; This is another quality most women admire in a man. Every woman probably wants a man who has a good sense of humor.

Besides, every woman wants to be in a relationship where they can be happy. They want a man who can make them smile and be happy.

4. Confidence; Most women today, admire men who are confident in themselves. Men who believe in themselves.

5. Faithfulness/loyalty; In our society today, It's indeed hard to find a man who is faithful and loyal to his woman. Therefore, every woman today admire men who are faithful and loyal.

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