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Tips To Turn That Friendship To A Relationship

I made a post earlier on how the know if you have been friend-zoned, like for example there is this girl you like and would want to really pursue a romantic relationship with but you just discovered that you have been friend-zoned. Like she sees you just as a friend and nothing more. I just want you to know it isn't over yet, a relationship might still work if you pull the right strings, that your childhood bestie might begin to actually see you for the amazing boyfriend you are meant to be. Now the amazing thing about these tips is that it works for both parties whether male or female if you are a lady and you have caught the love bug and you really want to be in a relationship with that your male bestie, you can pull these strings and watch things turn around.

Some of the right strings to pull are;

1. Give Her A Little Break

Probably you have been with her together, all your life you guys go home together, eat together take walks together, and all of that, maybe even do a sleepover in each other's place. Now is the time to make your self scarce. Give her a chance to miss you, to be the one longing to see you. Allow her to think about all the time you have been a steady support system to her, and maybe she might see you her friend as the perfect boyfriend she is meant to have. Remember absence makes the heart grow fonder.

2. Stop Acting Like A Friend

There is a way a friend acts and there is a way a boyfriend acts, yes, definitely your boyfriend, should be your friend but know where to draw the line... You are not her friend. Stop being the one she calls for emergencies when her friends need help. Stop being the friend she walks around with when her boyfriend is not around. All the one she keeps introducing to her crush like her best. You don't want to remain in that circle forever, do you?.

3. Flirt With Other Girls

 She needs to see that you're turning the charm elsewhere, so she'll reconsider the way that she thinks about you, she needs to see that you're a viable partner and a flirty kind of person. She needs to see you act differently than you usually act with her and while you do this make sure she sees you, try doing this in a public place like when you guys go on a group hang out with other friends, make it a point of duty sitting close to her, but ignore her while you chat up her friends or people she hangs out with. Let her friends gush about how you are so cool and fun to hang out with, maybe then her eyes would be opened.

Guys try this and come tell me how it worked. This is a secret nobody will tell you. Don't forget to like, share, and hit the follow button to keep seeing more educative content.

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