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How To Prove To Your Boyfriend Or Husband That You Love Him Without Saying It

It is very easy to say to someone that you love them. But how can the person believe you if there is no action to affirm the claim? Telling someone that you love them without backing it up with actions remains a claim. Most people believe that saying "I love you" to someone they love is enough. Mr_Counselor is telling you today that it is not enough. You have to prove it.

There are many ways to prove to your boyfriend or husband that you love him without words. These ways have been explained in this article.

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1. Give him your undivided attention.

Men feel very much important and valued if they are given rapt attention when they speak. It is a sign of respect. Of course, you will agree with me that men so much love and value respect. By given him your undivided attention, you are respecting him. And you are respecting him because you love him.

If your man is talking, to show him that you love him without using words, kindly give him your attention. Listen to whatever he has to say, even if it makes no sense.

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2. Do things before he asks for them.

Doing things for him ahead of time shows how much you think about him. Thinking about him means that you love him.

3. Serve him his meal even before he asks for it.

Men love food. That is why they are usually comfortable with women who cooks very well. If your meal is always nice, serving him his share of it on time is a sign of love. You don't need to tell him that you love him. Just serve him his delicious meal as early as possible, he will be convinced to believe that you really love him even if you didn't tell him.

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4. Understand his love language and communicate with it.

If you understand your husband's or boyfriend's love language, you will communicate better with him without words. All you need to know is what makes him feel satisfied. If he is the type that loves kissing a lot. Always kiss him to show how much you love what he love.

If he loves acts of kindness, ensure you show him some kind gestures as always as possible. If he likes gifts, shower him with lovely gifts.

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5. Spend quality times with him.

We are always busy, that is why time is so precious. If you always bring out time to be with the man you love, you are telling him that you love him, even without saying it.

Business gurus will tell you that time is money. Some other people will tell you that time is precious. But I am telling you today that time is love. If you can always make time from your busy schedule to spend quality moments with the man you love, you have proven to him that you love him even without words.

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6. Always hug him.

Hug is relieving. Some people don't understand the importance of hug in a relationship and marriage. When your man returns from work, please give him a genuine hug. This is a sign that you love him.

If you can do the above always, you would not need to keep telling or reminding him that you love him with words.

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