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The Meaning Of Darkness, Explained In The Bible

The Bible is a Holy Book, that contains the words spoken by God, written by his Prophets through an inspiration from the Holy Ghost.

Although, these words are life, so they are supposed to bring life to us, and they do bring life to us. 

 However, there's a verse in the Bible that speaks volumes about the Dark Forces in the universe. The Bible verse is, 1st John Chapter 4 vs 5. It says, “They are of the world:therefore speak they of the world, and the world hearth them. 

 The first sentence in this Bible verse, refers directly to the dark forces in the world, the people who operates fully in, and by the power of the Devil. The world is owned, and created by God Almighty, but the major affairs of the world is controlled by people of high caliber. The people are well placed in high places, and they get inspired by the Devil. 

 The second, third sentence, “therefore speak they of the world” these people use a medium to communicate with the Devil. Finally, there's a relationship between these people, and the Devil. The Bible verse simply talks about the relationship between the Devil and his agents, whom he has placed in places of relevance in the world, and how they operate. 

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