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Divorce Affair

WOMEN, Why you should never cheat as a married woman, learn from this story.

This story will teach people reasons why you shouldn't cheat on your spouse and disgrace your self and your family, hope you are learning as you read on.

There are many reasons why married people cheat and from 40% of married people cheat because of infidelity, poverty and so much more but for the case of this woman, she has children and the husband is working hard.

A woman was been caught by her own husband in a hotel with another man. According to the husband they have been married for over 10 years with three children, two girls and a boy. The husband said that his neighbors in the compound has been telling him that his wife is sleeping around with other men, but he has not been listening to them because he loves his wife and don't want to believe other people over his wife, till when he got a call from his friend who happened to be at the same hotel where he caught his wife and told him that he saw his wife entering a hotel.

When he got that call, he doubted what his friend said at first, but he later decided to go and know if what they are saying is the truth. When he got to the hotel, his friend directed him to the exact room and he was shocked to see his darling wife with another man in the hotel room.

He said he has been seeing and hearing such things on TV and radio but not knowing his wife whom he loves so much would break his heart and bring such disgrace upon the family.

He went further angrily to ask his wife what she would think the children will do when they hear that their mother was caught with another man in a hotel?, What example is she showing to the children as a mother?.

He then told her that he is not going to kill himself because of her, that he made sure that he provide every thing for her and the children, but since she have chosen this kind of life and brought shame upon herself self, that she is going back to her father's house.

The receptionist in the hotel told the husband that his wife has been coming the hotel with the man she was caught with countless number of time that she even thought they were husband and wife.

The man has no choice than to order his wife not to come back to his house again that she is a disgrace and has brought shame to him, to the children and also a disgrace to womanhood.

This is what is happening everyday all over the world and this is why no one should be cheating on his or her spouse to avoid heart breaks and to avoid loosing your family.

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