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Follow these rules, if you want people to respect you.

Some people are just really respected, not because of anything, but because they command respect themselves. People respect them because they really know who they are. Respect is reciprocal.

For people to respect you, you should follow these rules if you want people to really respect you.

1. Be yourself and accept yourself exactly as you are: it is true, that no one will respect you if you don't respect yourself. You have to make sure you accept yourself. If you accept and believe in yourself, people will command respect for you.

2. Be kind and Selfless: as an individual, if you are not compassionate or selfless, you will lose Respect as an individual. If you don't treat others right, there is a possibility that those that are around you will also treat you like that. Let them know they can depend on you.

3. Be bold and assertive: as an individual if you are bold and assertive, the respect will really be there for you. Look at our heroes and activists, this respect is really there for them. Assert your rights and claim without anger. This will command respect for you.

4. Don't talk too much: if you are the type that talks too much among friends or you are recognized in the society as a talkative, your scale of respect will be low. Don't talk too much. Be resilient, learn how to control your tongue.

Am very sure if you follow these rules, your respect will be attained. Thanks for reading.

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