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What love should be like for every true relationship or marriage

Love is a mutual thing, which is to say, he or she should want it as much as you want it.

The said person you are in love with, should want you as much as you want them, stop giving people the privilege of fooling around with your mind, thereby enslaving you emotionally, just because you think love is simply the value you give and not also the value you get in return.

If it isn't mutual, then it's never worth your effort, your investment, your time, your emotions, your sincere commitment and energy.

Many people simply waste their resources and drain themselves emotionally, just because they are fighting hard to convince someone of how much they truly love them, just so they could be accepted by the said person in return.

listen, the simple rule of life is giving and getting back in return, and when you are the only one giving and never getting back, then it's never love to start with, because if it's love, then it has got to be mutual, which is to say, precious you don't have to go through all of that emotional stress just to feel accepted, appreciated, wanted and belonging to someone. 

There is someone out there in the real need of what you have got to offer, which was never appreciated, cherished or valued, but the mistake some persons make, is to still think that love is only base on what they feel or have for someone and never what the other person does in return to safeguard their feelings by sincerely reciprocating same towards their effort.

Don't think all you see marks the end of everything, because there is a light of relief just ahead of you, only if you can admit the truth of what you truly want as a person to yourself.

True love is never working hard to convince a person to love you back as much as you have loved them, rather it is the thoughtfulness of that person to truly accept, appreciate what you have for them, sincerely and humbly reciprocating same, treating you back with same respect and value.

Love is never bondage, but what gives you the real sense of fulfillment expressing endearment to someone and for this reason, one sure way to prove your relevance to people is to move away by showing them, that there is something ahead, better enough, that's worthy of your everything. 

Don't become emotionally ruined or exhausted trying to be accepted, or wanting to show someone how much you value them.

I believe strongly that love is mutual, which is the balance of every true relationship or marriage that will succeeded.

This is to say, you must want me as much as i will want you, and when you aren't getting such for your effort, then you have got to stop wasting your time, because your heart is too precious to be toiled with.

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