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If I Had Listened To My Mum, I Wouldn't Have Killed Him- Wife Who Killed Husband Narrates Ordeal

Caroline Barka, the house wife arrested for stabbing her husband to death in Adamawa State is regretting her action not just for killing her husband but for choosing to marry him against the counsel of her parents.

The 20-year old lady while sharing her experience with Punch Newspaper which was published on Saturday explained how she met her late husband and the circumstances that led to her marriage to him.

According to her, he used to visit his Aunt who lived in the same residence with her. His aunt was the one who introduced the two of them and later asked Barka to marry his brother.

At that time, she was 17 years old. She told her parents her decision to marry the man but they were objected to it. Her parents disclosed to her that the man was not responsible, saying he was an addicted alcohol drinker and woman beater.

But she ignored warnings and advice from her parents. She went ahead to marry him. The two years marriage only witnessed one year of Matrimonial peace. After one year, they became cat and dog in the house. The husband would drink heavily on daily basis and would misbehave to his wife.

She explained that he doesn't give her money to feed and her baby. As a result of that, she had to take up a menial job where she was being paid 1,000 naira per day. She said all this was to be able to feed herself and her baby.

The food given to them by food coupon would be sold by the husband and he would use the money to drink. Everytime, he would come home late and be heavily drunk.

Trouble however started the night he went to drink and came back home late in the night. As he tried to force his way into the room, he landed on their child who was sick and had a serious temperature.

Angered by the incident, the wife abused him. He dared her if she abused him again, she he would deal with her. The wife asked why he would come home late in the night and would attempt to kill their child.

That was how they began fighting. He used his vigilante stick to hit the wife at the back. In the ensuing struggle, he reached out for his knife and stabbed the wife. The knife fell down and the wife struggled to pick it and also inflict same injury on him.

In that process, both of them fell down together. The husband fell on the knife and it pierced him deeply which consequently led to serious bleeding.

The neighbors rushed in and took him to the hospital. But before he could get to the hospital, he was already dead.

Explaining her regret, Barka said everything her mother told her about him was true. She said she regretted ever marrying him because if she had listened to her mother, she would not have been in the mess she is currently.

She said she never wished him dead despite all she went through in his hand.

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