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4 Reasons You Should Drink Water After Intimacy With Your Partner

Water is essential for your daily living. You need to make it a habit of drinking 8 or more glasses of water per day. Not only consume water when you're eating your meals; or when you're thirsty. It is also very paramount that you drink water after having physical intimacy with your partner.

Here are four reasons why you should drink water after intimacy:

To hydrate

Physical intimacy naturally accelerates your heart rate; and therefore causes you to sweat. Your mouth and private parts feel dry after such vigorous activity. So you would feel dehydrated and thirsty. And you would want to replenish the water lost during all that action.

Prevent urinary tract infections (UTIs)

Consuming water after intercourse lowers your risk of UTIs. Water flushes out the toxins and bacteria out of your system (through your urethra). Thereby cleansing your system and preventing any UTI from developing. But if you don't hydrate, those toxins and bacteria accumulate in your tissue cells; and offset your body.

According to Dr Bajic, "Women have over 50% chance of getting a UTI than men. Because their urethra is shorter than men's; and is closer to their anus (where stool evacuates); and to the vulva (which can collect bacteria during intimacy.)"

Improves physical intimacy

Consuming plenty water increases the oxygen supply throughout your body. Drinking water after intercourse aids in regulating adequate blood supply to the male genital organ. This results in a stronger and harder erection. It boosts your drive.

Lowers risk of erectile dysfunction

Erectile dysfunction is caused by various factors, including dehydration. Your body depends on the blood flow and oxygen to the male genital organ to cause an erection. But on dehydration your body’s blood vessels restrict. This causes blood flow to reduce making it difficult to perform in the bedroom.

So the more hydrated you are; the greater the blood flow; and the stronger you are to perform.

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