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What It Means When Your Husband Or Boyfriend Kisses Your Forehead

Most kisses have their individual meanings. Unfortunately, many people don't understand the actual meaning they convey by kissing someone on their forehead. They do it for fun, or because they see people do it in the movies. They think that kiss is just an expression of love. In as much as this is true, you must understand the meaning of the type of kiss you are giving to your girlfriend or wife.

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As a wife or girlfriend, you don't expect your man to explain the message he passed by kissing you on your forehead. That is why you need to know the actual meaning of a forehead kiss.

Kisses are not used for pleasures alone. Some people believe that all forms kiss is used to put a partner in the mood for love making. Unarguably, kiss is used to put a partner in the mood for some romance, but that is not the actual use of kiss.

Kiss is a form of communication. It is an easy way of conveying information to the person you love. Kissing has some semantic meanings apart from being a sign or proof of love, depending on the type. Do not use kiss wrongly. It is better to understand what kiss you need at a particular time before giving it to your partner.

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In this article, we will only look at the forehead kiss, why you need it and what your boyfriend or husband is trying to tell you when he kisses you on your forehead.

A forehead kiss is a sign of true love, care and sincerity. When your husband or boyfriend kisses you on your forehead, he is trying to make a promise. In that promise, he is also promising not to break the promise, even though it is said that promises are meant to be broken.

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When he kisses your forehead, he is trying to tell you that you are the only one in his life. He is promising to care for you and to be sincere and honest with you. He is trying to tell you that he will always be there for you and that he will always love and cherish you with all his heart. He is promising not to leave you or trade you for anything.

He is trying to tell you that no matter what happens, he will never disappoint you. This is what he is trying to tell you with just one kiss on your forehead. When he kisses your forehead repeatedly, he is recounting those promises repeatedly. It is more or less like emphasising on those promises to tell you how serious he is about it.

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Never joke with a forehead kiss. If you are observant, he will only kiss your forehead when he suspects that you are doubting his seriousness and integrity. And forehead kiss ends with a tight hug usually. It is also succeeded with a deep breath which signifies honestly and true love.

Only a man who truly loves you will give you a forehead kiss because it is a sign of genuine promise he will never fail.

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Have you ever received a forehead kiss before? If yes, did you know the actual meaning then or you just found out? Let me know in the comments section please.

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