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DIfferences Between Liking Someone And Loving Them

People fall in love for many reasons. Some relationships last while others don't.

Some components build love and make it last. Romantic love is made up of care, attachment, and intimacy.

Someone may admire you and love spending time with you without having any romantic love for you. It simply means that the person likes you.

Love is deeper than that. It involves a desire to have a strong connection and physical intimacy with someone.

However, when you like someone, you only enjoy the person's company.

A lady may feel bored and need someone to keep her company when the person she truly loves is busy.

She likes talking with you. It doesn't mean she's in love with you.

She may not feel attached to you even when you are making her happy.

When a lady is in love, she will long for your care, acceptance, and physical intimacy.

She will also look for opportunities to show you how much she cares about your personal needs.

However, if she only likes you, she won't bother sharing her feelings with you. Her attitude shows she's not ready to have any kind of intimacy.

A lady's emotions towards you will be strong when she loves you, and she will be compassionate. If she only likes you, she won't be worried about you.

She won't feel any need to reciprocate your love for her, but she feels elated and fulfilled to reciprocate her deep emotions for someone she loves.

The concept of liking or loving someone is that love will always make someone care for you. It will be a relationship of compassion with passionate love.

Whereas someone can just like you because of the benefits you can offer them whenever they are in need.

Don't ever make the mistake of thinking someone loves you when in reality they only like you. This will help you put a limit on your expectations.

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