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5 Ways To Prove Your Love To A Man Without Being Intimate With Him

As a result of the decadence in today's society, so many ladies believe that the easiest way to keep a man is to sleep with him. However, they find out that even after doing this for years most men still cheat on them and even finally leave the relationship. All this goes a long way to show that intimacy with a man does not guarantee that he will stay with you forever. There are ways you can show a man your true feelings for him without sleeping with him. Here are some of them.

1) Be respectful to him. Even when he is not yet married to you, learn to respect him. Don't abuse him or talk to him in a mannerless way. It is good character and not just intimacy that keeps a man. Once you respect and adore him, he will definitely believe that you love him and he will love you more.

2) Cook his favorite meal for him : The surest way to a man's heart is still his stomach. Feed him well. Get to know his best dishes and prepare it in a wonderful way for him.

3) Surprise him : One problem many ladies make in relationships is to leave all the financial expenses to a man. The same way ladies love to be showered with gifts is the say way men want surprises. You can get him a wonderful gift or even take him out on a date.

4) Give him maximum attention : Don't expect him to do all the work in the relationship. Be genuinely concerned about his well being, family and work. Know when he is happy and when he is sad and help him in the ways you can.

5) Be romantic : Call him sweet names. Give him a special pet name and make him feel like a king. Hug him and be playful around him.

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