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Time-Wasting Habits That Could Negatively Affect Your Relationship.

Life is encapsulated in time. Relationships grow with time. With time comes attention, affection and intimacy. When time is lacking in a relationship, it suffers. 

It is a beautiful thing to give quality time to your relationship. You get to know your spouse better, grow more intimate and build a stronger bond.

Here are some of the time-wasting activities that could negatively affect your relationship:

1. Watching and discussing sports:

Some partners now give more attention to sports than their spouses. Here comes the big one for the guys. They have become sports addicts. Honestly, much time is spent before the television watching and discussing sports, especially, football. It eventually leaves little or no time for your partner.

2. Mobile devices:

There are mobile phone applications, such as games, that could adversely affect our time and get us addicted. I know of a colleague that would always play a particular mobile app game, even in a serious situation. I pity the spouse.

Some couples are more intimate with their mobile devices than their spouses. Social media is meant for positive impact and influence. Sadly, it is has been abused and allowed to ruin our relationships. I nearly fell victim to it as well. There are many things to see, watch and enjoy. Before you could know it, hours have been spent on irrelevant things.

We need to understand that mobile devices could make us addicts if we don't carefully place it where it belongs in our lives. You need to schedule time for your mobile devices and stick to it with a high level of discipline.

In conclusion, your time is the life of your relationship. Every time-wasting habit that hurts your relationship should be carefully dealt with.

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