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Single And Searching? Avoid These Five(5) Type Of Ladies

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Every man who is single and well to do knows he is complete only after he finds the perfect partner who will take care of him and love him for who he is. The quest in finding that perfect partner can be tricky especially when you are a guy with a well paying job who have all the good looks that thrills the fantasies of many ladies. The truth is beauty and money attracts all kinds of persons. It gets worse when you notice you are extremely talented and intelligent. Every girl on the street will find you attractive. That to many guys is perceived as a blessing and an added advantage in wooing whichever girl they will. However, in reality it is something you will rather not have. Why sleep with all the girls in the world when it is just one you will end up with?

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Now after exploring every thing on skirt with all sizes, shapes and colour, you take a damsel who don't really know what it is like to be with a guy, and settle down. Marriage starts having issues from day one because you expect, she will do to you what the girls you had been exploring, had done to you. You forget that those girls did whatever they did, to increase the value and size of any reward you may give to them either as upkeep or payment. Some please you the way you want to convince you, they are right for you in marriage. It is therefore advisable for guys not to take their looks and wealth as a bait to lure vulnerable girls. It becomes an issue when the guy is ready to settle down.

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While some guys were able to find their perfect partners, majority are living in endurance. Truth be told, many marriages are holding on because of the children. Some men are tired of their wives and they know already they had made mistakes but who can they tell. Some ladies are just enduring because marriage is all they fought tooth and nail to achieve in life and they can't just throw it away. It all boils down to decisions made by both partners. Some have already started cheating on their spouses with their former partners due to the boredom on their home.

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Truth is, you may never see that perfect figure you desire, but you can find someone close. However there should be a minimum standard you set for yourself, rather than accepting everything that comes your way. If you don't take your standards serious, you may end up with the wrong person. The wait, no matter how long, is worth it once you settle down with the right person.

Are you a single guy who is searching for a life partner? Do you really want someone you love, who will give you peace of mind? Here are some kind of girls you should avoid.

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The One Who Sees You As A Bank Account

You just met a girl and indicated interest in her and not long hence, she starts telling you story of how poor her family is and how no one cares about helping them out. My brother do yourself a favour and avoid them completely. It's not too late, you just started. Don't go about flexing your muscles that you can take care of her. Those resources you spend with a girl you just started with whom you are not sure of getting married to, could have been used to help your family or do better things. You are not anyone's bank account and not responsible for them until you pay their dowry. The thing here is, most guys want to impress these girls, but you forget that you will keep impressing them for the rest of your lives even after marriage. Some single guys have known to become absolutely useless due to girls like this who sucked them dry.

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Every girl who is ready to settle down should have this independence, being able to live without financial support from any guy. Inasmuch as you are willing to do give a helping hand to support in case she needs it, the fact you are not tied to her in marriage, that shouldn't be your responsibility. Once she sees you as a bank account, the best thing is to avoid her and the relationship. Many guys are dying in silence for this singular thing because to them, it is an investment. Please invest in love and on understanding who you want to settle down with, not with money you would have otherwise used for better things. Even if you intend to settle down with her, you have to spend minimally until you guys are together.

The Manipulative Type

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Some girls are very manipulative when it comes to guys. One thing guys have failed to understand is that most times they feel they are playing a girl when in reality, the girl is playing them. You will know a manipulative girl when she constantly tells you stories that will make you feel sorry for her. Some girls make you feel bad for not doing certain things you maybe promised to do but failed. You may not be able to keep up with every promise you made to your partner but that shouldn't give her room to make you feel extremely bad whenever it happens. It is simply called manipulation because she is using her feminine power to get things from you. Using the woman power is okay, but don't allow that power to cloud your sense of judgment.

The Sex Machine

If you want to settle down as a guy and the lady you intend to settle with is a sex machine, you may be in trouble. Inasmuch as I advocate for sex after marriage, 'a bed undefiled 'according to the scriptures, the truth is more than 95% of guys go into sexual relationship with their partners before marriage. That in itself it's wrong and often comes with consequences we always neglect. People say all sorts of things for such actions, but I go with the bible which condemns it. Whichever case you are, a girl who is constantly demanding for sex will ruin your marriage. It is often the guys who are known to be demanding for it regularly. However when the reverse is the case, as a guy you are in trouble especially if your job keeps you away from home.

The Ones Who Lie About Every Single Thing

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If you notice the girl you are having a crush on is an expert liar, do yourself the favour of avoiding her. They lie from their age to their friends and family. Most times guys neglect the fact a girl is always lying, but remember she will continue in the lies even after marriage. She is trying to portray another image to you, different from who she really is. She wants to please you and that's the reason for her action, but it's the wrong way. Honesty makes a union stronger while dishonesty destroys marriages.

The Ones With The Overly Big Things

My brother, before you give yourself sleepless night, don't be deceived by what you see on TV and social media. Most girls are not as curvy and loaded as they present themselves. Those who are, have been involved in plastic surgery or are simply using artificial things to make you see them that way. Phones these days also come with apps you can use to edit any portion of your body to look bigger. Let your eyes not be going to and fro thinking what you see is what it really is. Most of it is to get your attention and it is an act of desperation. A lady who spends so much in getting your attention with all these things will require much spending too to keep up. She will feel so insecure when any lady comes around you. I believe no guy wants a nagging woman as a wife. It's best to stay with a lady who presents herself to you as natural as she is without the enhancements that make them look extremely gorgeous. Don't sign up for something that you will later regret and be wondering how you got into it.

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While choosing your life partner, if you are a Christian, take time out to pray for direction. If you don't believe in God, there is no harm in getting some tips from marriage counsellors. Don't just trust on your instincts alone to guide you. A man who learns from the experiences of others is a wiser man.

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