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Husband and wife relationship

Ways In Which Couples Can Express Love To Each Other - Pastor Becky Enenche

Dr. Mrs. Becky Paul-Enenche spoke on "Dominating Through Stable Marital And Family Life" at 2023 DESTINY RECOVERY CONVENTION - Day 3 Evening Session || Glory Dome, Abuja.

According to her, Express your love. Your husband is not a magician, your wife is not a magician. They cannot know what is inside your heart. If you don't say it, they won't know what you have in mind. So, tell your wife you love her. Early in the morning when you wake up and she says, "good morning honey", say, "I love you, baby". You will testify, you will see what will happen to your life. She will just start blossoming, anywhere you see her, she will just be smiling. You don't need to beg for anything.

She further said, "Please, be open, speak openly. Let your wife know you love her, let your husband know that you value and appreciate him. When he pays school fees, don't just be staring at him, thank him. If you think it's his duty, go and ask your friends that the husband didn't pay their own children's school fees. It's a privilege, it's not a right. Up till today, this last school fees now, I thanked God's servant when he paid the school fees. "Thank you sir, I really appreciate this investment into the children's lives. May God bless you and may they bring the reward for your labour". He will jokingly say "Amen". It is so important. Express your love, express your appreciation.

She then reveals 5 ways in which couples can express love to each other. They are:

1. By quality talks

2. By quality time - spending time with each other

3. By words of affirmation - you tell the person of affirmative words;

4. By acts of service - You do things that the person values.

5. Observe what your spouse likes to do in expression of love and do it back to him or her. That's how it works. And the Lord will help in the name of Jesus.

Fast forward the VIDEO to 2 hours 20 minutes for the sermon

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