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"Private family resolution of issues have robbed many women of their truth" - Morayo brown

Morayo brown has taken to her page to advise women on the importance of handling their family issues privately and crying out to the public when necessary.

By managing problems positively and constructively, you help your children develop well and thrive. When children see you behaving and communicating with your partner in this way, children learn to behave this way too. It can teach them important skills for life.

When you and your partner find solutions together, you help the whole family have happier, healthier and stronger relationships. And you help to protect your children from the downsides of conflict.

Most of us try to resolve it by talking to each other and understanding each other's perspective on the issue. When the issue does not get resolved, we consult our close friends or extended family to find possible solutions. But what if the problem persists?

Families come to an agreement on their own, often through mediation or with the help of services available to help people resolve issues outside the courtroom. Mediation is an approach to solving problems in which a third party (a mediator) helps people with family law problems reach a resolution without going to court. A mediator is a person who is specially trained to help people resolve conflict.

Above all , don't forget to put God first in resolving your family problems.

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