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Guys, Ladies Don't Need Your Money. See Five (5) Things Every Lady Needs In A Man

Have you ever been in a situation where you are attracted to a lady but she doesn't feel the same towards you? This is the worst feeling any guy can ever experience. 

The truth is, there are things every lady needs in a man. Women are wonderful creatures. Most times, they wouldn't tell you, but feel you should figure them out yourself. 

This article reveals five things every lady needs in a man. Guys, please pay attention, and apply them on that babe that is killing you softly. 

1.How Sociable Are You? 

How well can you connect with friends? Ladies naturally love to introduce their boyfriend to their friends.She will be proud to do this, only if you are a friendly person. 

2.How Well Can You Communicate? 

We live in an age and time where English language is a universal language. If you can't speak well, you will have a hard time getting a lady to fall in love with you. 

3.Put A Smile On Her Face :

I am yet to see a lady who is not attracted to a guy with a sense of humor. This does not mean you should be a comedian. You should be able to make fun out of situations. 

4.Presence of Chemistry :

Don't feel bad when a lady you are strongly attracted to turns you down. She does not feel any chemistry between you guys. When a lady is not attracted to you, please don't force it. 

5.Listen To Her:

Ladies are in search of a guy, they can share their World with. Even when you are not interested in the details, just listen.Most guys switch off easily in such conversations. I don't know how ladies do it, they can tell if you are not paying attention. 

If you have been wooing a lady and you ain't getting results, it's time to apply these steps. If only, you can apply these simple rules, you will come back with a testimony. I know Ladies will hate me for revealing their secrets.

 Apart from the one's listed in this article, which other things do Ladies need in a man. 

Share your views in the comment section below so that others can learn.

Content created and supplied by: SethOkpiaifoh (via Opera News )

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