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4 Stages Men Pass Before Finally Falling In Love With A Girl

The journey to fall in love may seem very easy to some people, but to some others, it may be a very difficult task. One will first of all develop feelings for a girl he likes. But this is not enough. Even though it may be very easy to develop feelings for a girl, convincing her to like you may appear very difficult.

There are four stages every man must pass before falling in love with the girl he likes. These four stages have been discussed in this article.

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1. The infatuation stage.

The infatuation stage is the stage when a man is becoming attracted to a girl because of her physique. Men have different tastes when it comes to liking a woman. Some men like tall and slim girls, some others may prefer the opposite. In all, what really matters is what a man wants in a woman.

At the infatuation stage, a man will begin to like a woman because of her physical appearance. He dressing, the way she walks, how she talks, shape of her body and so on.

This is actually the very first stage every man must pass before falling in love with a girl. It can be said that a man must first of all like a girl before deciding whether or not to date her.

The man may decide not to fall in love with the girl if he notices something he doesn't like in her. That is to say that being attracted to a woman's beauty doesn't mean that the man must date her. This stage, if passed will lead to the second stage.

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2. Attraction stage.

Attraction comes with acceptance. At this stage, a man will be fully attracted to the girl if she accepts his advances. That is to say that he can walk away and forget that he once liked the girl if she refuses to accept his advances.

If the girl accepts his advances, he will enter into the attraction stage. This stage will lead us to another stage which is the third stage.

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3. Declaration stage.

No man can decide if he must date a particular girl without passing through this stage. After several assessment, a man will only enter into the declaration stage if the girl accepts to date him.

Of course, he may have been trying to convince the girl to date him, but he is not sure if the girl will accept his advances, therefore, he can't conclude on his own whether or not he will succeed in dating the girl. At this point, he can't call the girl his girlfriend unless she accepts to be his girlfriend. This stage will lead us to the final and most important stage.

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4. Falling in love stage.

A man can tell a girl that he is in love with her, but in reality, he is not fully in love with her because she hasn't fallen in love with him. A man will only fall deeply in love with a girl if he is able to convince her to fall in love with him.

If he succeeded in making the girl fall in love with him, then he is in this final stage.

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In summary, a man will first of all like a girl's physical appearance, get attracted to her, declare his feelings for her and finally fall in love with her if she responds positively to his advances.

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