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Husband and wife relationship

4 Things You Need To Do To Earn Your Wife's Submission

Every man wants to be committed to his wife. No man wants to have a woman who is not engaged to him. That means men love and appreciate women who are dedicated and submissive to them. If you want your wife to be completely submissive to you and to be fully committed to you, here is what you need to do.

I want to start by telling you that submission to women comes naturally when certain needs are met by a man. The requirements that you need to make or have in place for your wife to commit and submit to you are outlined below.

1. Show Her True Love

True love is one that reflects the loyalty and devotion of a woman. If you continue to show your wife that you truly love her, She will continue to be committed and submissive to you. You should always show her that you are the only one with her, that you will never deceive her, and that you will love and cherish her forever. This will automatically make her trustworthy, obedient and dedicated to you.

2. You Must Leads By Example

Besides obeying the rules of love, you must lead by example. You are not the head of the house by mistake, therefore, you must be a good leader. A good leader leads by example.

3. Satisfy Her Needs

You need to know how to satisfy your wife's needs. It is part of your responsibility. If you can meet your wife's needs, you will gain respect, honesty, commitment and submission.

4. Do Not Despise Her

In all that you do, never insult your spouse in any way. Treat your wife with love.

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