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10 reasons why a girl would not tell you that she truly loves you.

If a girl truly loves you and she has not admitted it to you even when you confront her, it doesn't mean she does not love you. If a girl truly loves you, it will surely be seen in her actions. Actions speak louder than words.

Everybody wants to hear the girl admit her love. This is because we only believe after we hear her say the word " i love you ". It is common to hear girls lie to guys about love, so watch her actions and not just her words.

Girls hide their feelings sometimes because of the following reasons:

1. She is shy: this is one of the major reasons why girls don't confess their love to boys, they are shy.

2. Rejection: this is another common reason. The girl does not want to be rejected if you don't love her as well.

3. Lack of time: the girl might not want to start a relationship as she sees it as a distraction and she doesn't want to waste her time.

4. Her previous experience: it is possible the girl might have been hurt in the past and she does not want to go through the pain again.

5. Home bringing: it is not possible to stop yourself from falling in love, but good and proper home bringing might stop her from telling you.

6. Friends: her friends might have advised and convinced her not to confess her love to you.

7. She does not want to lose status: she feels if she confesses her love to you, then her respect in the society is gone.

8. She might feel love is better shown than expressed and so, feels that you should get the message that she loves you.

9. She might not to distract you: it is possible that she feels after confessing her love to you, you might lose focus and be distracted.

10. Mass media: most movies or shows she watches, might also prevent her from telling you that she loves you.

Which of these do you think is the major reason why girls do not confess their love? Drop comments below.

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