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5 Lies They Tell You About Relationship And Marriage - Blessing CEO Reveals (Videos)

Blessing Okoro, also known as Blessing CEO, is a relationship expert who took to her verified social media page and revealed the five lies people normally talked about in a relationship and marriage that seem true but they are not true.

Blessing CEO said that there are misconceptions about the use of words when it has to do with choosing your spouse, which has made a lot of people think that it's right for one to refer to his or her lover as a Soulmate.

1. Soulmate: Blessings CEO said that the number one lie that people tell you about relationships and marriage is "Soulmate". Blessing CEO said that many people lied about finding their soulmate in a relationship or marriage because the word soulmate simply means that both lovers must have to understand each other to a fault. She, however, said that many people believe that there is a particular person that is meant for them to marry that is you sometimes hear people say "I am looking for my soulmate". Nobody is a soulmate.

2. Marriage makes you happy: Blessing CEO said that it is an error for one to believe that marriage can make someone happy. She said that although it sounds true, it's a lie because happiness comes from your state of mind and it's only you who can choose to be happy if you want to be happy.

3. Endure Marriage: Blessing CEO said nobody endures marriage although it sounds true that people most times endures the stress in a marriage. She, however, said that endurance in marriage can only come in when you don't have the power to change anything from your partner, and most of the things that people are asking you to endure in marriage are they the characters of your partner. For example, when you hear someone saying... " My husband or wife is naturally angry", that's a lie. Blessing CEO said that anger is a learned habit and one can unlearn it that is why there are certain places that one can not exhibit his or her anger.

4. A wise woman builds her home: Blessing CEO said no wise woman will be able to build a home on a wrong foundation. She said men are the real foundation that women should lean on because no matter how wise a woman is, there is nothing she would build on a wrong foundation will stand. She further said that a wise woman will build a home, her husband needs to lay a good foundation. She also added that society has been able to project a lot of men to just relax, thereby leaving everything for the women to do, that is why the home that a lot of women are trying to build keeps crumbling.

5. All men cheat: When it comes to the last number which is one of the lies people say in a relationship and marriage that all men cheat, Blessing CEO said it's not every man that cheats on his partner and that is a marital lie that sounds like true but it's not. In conclusion, she said that all men do not cheat, but some men do. We still have men with values, boundaries, and principles and when you hear people say that all men cheat, the ones who do not cheat are underrated and they don't get praises from their spouse or lover.

Do you agree with what Blessing CEO said?

Do you think it's wrong for a woman to endure in her marriage?

What can a wise woman do to build her home?

Let's have your opinion in this regard, thank you.

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Source: Blessing CEO.

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