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Can a man introduce a woman to his parents and still dump her? See funny reactions shared on Twitter

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Gone are days when modesty, faithfulness and decency were watchwords in the society.Things have changed drastically and are becoming more sophisticated than ever before! 

Our society is now free for all; no more decency, craziness is now being celebrated, nudity among women is becoming uncontrollable, virginity which is a woman's pride has now become birthday's gift! So, how would you expect normalcy to thrive in such a society of ours?

A lot of things are going on in our society which are unthinkable! Coming to the topic about a man introducing a woman to his parents and still dump her at the end of the day, it is absolutely possible! It is happening every day! Infact, people get separated few hours to take themselves to the altar while marriages crash during vowing session in the church. There are many unfortunate instances in our society!

So, introducing a woman to his parents doesn't guarantee you access to his home. Funny things could happen along the way. Most ladies believe that once they know your family, things have already smoothened for them and they tend to bring the real lioness from where it's hidden. It happens both ways though!

You never buy clothes from market, reach your house and it refuses to fit, won't you return it immediately talkless of the girl you introduced to your parents?

Very possible! What if after introducing her and then your parents dig up some little information about her family or background or an incident occurs like you caught her cheating!

See how Twitter reacted to this:

Can a man introduce a woman to his parents and still dump her? 

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