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5 Causes Of Nipple Pain In Women

Nipple pain is a very common occurrence among women but it is not a cause of worry in some cases. It could be because of wearing a tight bra or an allergic reaction to laundry detergent. But it could also be an indication of a fundamental problem. Breastfeeding may also be a cause of nipple pain as the nipples of breastfeeding mothers tend to be sore because of chafing. Menstruation and the early stages of pregnancy can also make the nipples sore and tender at times. So many ladies get confused when they suffer this and that is what I will be discussing in this article.  

Ladies, some of the possible reasons why your nipple may pain you include; 

1. Engaging in some form of sexual activity 

The. You engage in any sexual activity that the nipple is involved in, it can make them sore. Nipple pain which originates due to sexual activity is usually not a cause for concern. The pain usually subsides after some time by giving the nipples enough time to heal. Moisturizing will help in healing the area faster and also prevent it from getting worse. If you normally experience this, using nipple guards is also another effective remedy to help lessen the pain. 

2. Changes in hormones

Hormonal changes are also responsible for nipple pain in women. You may have discovered your nipples becoming sore or tender when you are closer to your period date or during menstruation. This is because the hormone levels alter when a woman is on her period and this can trigger soreness in the breasts and nipples. There is a spike in the degrees of two hormones- estrogen and progesterone – when your period is about to start. These hormonal instabilities can also make the breasts seem more swollen. This pain is usually interim and doesn’t last for more than a week. However, you must seek medical attention once the pain gets worse. 

3. Friction

Friction is another reason why you can experience nipple pain. One of the most widespread reasons for your nipples to be sore could be friction. Wearing a tight-fitting bra could cause nipple pain because of the friction created by it. Working out for a long time can also result in nipple pain. If you are susceptible to friction, you can protect your nipples by wearing surgical tape on your nipples during an intense session of workout. Wearing the right undergarments and clothes while engrossed in such activities can help in generating less friction. 

4. Infection

Infection is another reason why many women experience nipple pain. Breastfeeding can cause your nipples to crack or bleed, heightening the likelihood of getting an infection. Similarly, struggling with an allergic reaction or an injury inflicted by friction can also lead to infections. Yeast infection can occur in the nipples if you have recently taken antibiotics, have any damage to the tissue surrounding the nipples, or have a personal history of fungal infections. When you discover this, it is also good you seek medical attention. 

5. Paget’s disease

Paget's disease is a unique type of breast cancer that affects the nipple and its surrounding skin. It is often detected in women over 50 years of age. Signs and symptoms usually arise in just one breast. Be cautious for signs and symptoms like flaky or hardened skin around the nipple, redness, itching, burning sensation, inverted or flattened nipple, pale yellow or bloody discharge from the nipples, or a lump in one of the breasts. 


All women should seek medical attention if this pain gets complicated. 

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