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My Blood Sister Snatched My Husband And Got Pregnant For Him, I Was Chased Away - Woman Narrates

A woman by the name of Hildah Mwangi has described how her blood sister stole her husband and also became pregnant for him without her knowing.

According to Hildah, she had been staying with her little sister from when she was schooling till when she was done with schooling and she made sure that all that she needed were provided, so she never lacked anything.

After she completed her education, she became pregnant and her sister Hildah nursed her. According to her, she claims she never knew that while she was busy caring for her, she was busy having a romantic relationship with her dear husband.

Her sister delivers her baby after 9 months and it was a baby boy. According to Hlidah, she claimed she was surprised to found out that the baby looks exactly like her husband. She even went as far as telling her husband that her baby looks like him not knowing her husband has something to the with her sister's pregnancy.

When Hildah's husband found out that she knows the truth, he then chased her out of the house, and ever since then, life has been difficult for her. She lost her job and she also has a physically challenged child who needs to be taken care of.

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