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As A Guy, When You Notice Any Of These 3 Moves In The Lady You Are Dating, Take A Pause And Replan Your Life

The simple fact that a lady is beautiful and physically inviting does not make her a wife material. Beauty is one thing, being homely is another. Before a lady finally moves into her man's house, she must have put up some characters that convince the man that she is truly meant for him.

For men who are lured by physical appearance to the women they married, many of them are currently licking their marital wound and fervently wish they could turn back the hand of time.

As a young guy who is not ready to cut out for this kind of regret, there are certain things you must look out for in a lady you are crushing on. Once you discover those things, you have the liberty to take your decision either positively or negatively. And these three major things will help you in this process.

1. If a lady comes to visit you with an intention to pass the night without your initial request, something should tell you there is a mix up somewhere. As a responsible lady who is well trained by her parents, it is totally unacceptable to pass a night in a guy's house especially, a guy whom she is not sure of where their journey will lead to.

For ladies in this category, it is an attempt to corner the guy and pin him down to a responsibility especially if they notice he is financially doing well and independent. Once you notice this kind of move from a lady, just take it as a strategy and don't get too involved.

2. Another thing is for the lady to be desparate for marriage few weeks after meeting or asking her out. Some ladies don't wait for proposal any longer because of desparation. They are in a haste to hurry the sunrise and want things to start happening even though they don't know where it will lead to.

Ladies in this category are majorly those who have advanced in age and realize they are fast fading out and their market values are speedily depreciating. Any guy who comes their ways end up paying the heavy penalty of their late marriage. As a guy, once you notice this level of desparation in the lady you are dating, take a pause and replan your life.

3. When a lady cannot initiate a logical and intellectual discourse or when she has nothing to contribute whenever you put it across, something is missing somewhere. One major thing that drives marriage effectively is compatibility between the parties involved.

You might not necessarily be on the same accademic level but to an extent, there should be a point of intersection between you. This will make you flow with each other and strengthen the bond of love and friendship. 

If you notice that this is lacking in her and all she wants is to get married and bears children, you need to think twice because there will be life after marriage and children. You will get to a point in life when you will need to flaunt your wife in public and if she does not have what it takes to measure up to that standard, you will regret your past mistake bitterly.

As a guy, you need to take action when you observe these qualities in the lady you are dating.

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