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6 Medical Tests Couples Should Have Before Getting Married.

Before marriage, there are a few tests which the two couples have to go through if they want to have a healthy and long-lasting marriage. 

Here are 5 medical tests you have to do before going into marriage:

1. Genotype. 

Most of us jokes with everything and go straight into marriage without checking your Genotype with the one of your partner, so you can end up giving birth to children that will give you peace of mind, so it's good to take your partner for a test to know if he or her has sickle cell trait such as SS, AS or if his or her genotype is good and that's AA

So as a man or woman who are SS, never get married to anyone who has AS or SS no matter how much you love him or her, as a human being whose Genotype is SS should get married to someone who is AA, because AA can get married to any Genotype of their choice and its 100% normal AA can even get married to SS or AS. So as people in a relationship, and you are planning to take it to another level, just make sure you carry out a genotype test on yourself. 

2. Blood group. 

So many couples normally just go into marriage without carry out a check on their blood group, and might end up getting married to someone whose blood group did not match, if you get married to Someone whose blood group did not match it cause a disease called hemolytic, and this bad disease can start affecting your babies, and it can also lead to so many miscarriages in your marriage. Also, you know your blood group, you can donate to your partner when he or she is in an emergency that needs a blood donation. 

3. HIV test. 

I know many couples go for this test before taking their relationship, so they can save themselves from HIV/AIDS, so it's best to also go for the HIV & AIDS test before going into marriage with your partner. 

4. Fertility test. 

Today in Nigeria so many couples facts infertility in their marriages, because they fail to go for a fertility test to check if the both of them are okay to have children in the marriage, once some couples can't have kids they will start putting the blames on their village people and not knowing that it was caused by your lack of understanding, so it's advice able for you and your partner to run a fertility test before going into marriage. 

5. Test of STDs. 

Medical tests are very important in every relationship before you take it to the next level, so it's good to have an STDs test done before going into marriage, to know if your partner has any hidden sickness that he or she has no idea about such as:



Genital herpes


Pelvic inflammatory disease (PID). 

If your partner has such illnesses, and it has not been treated for a long time, it will seriously affect his or her health, and such can make a woman not to give birth, and such issues can even lead to death.

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AA AS Genotype. SS


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