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If a lady ask you this question let her go

So I'm of the opinion that in a relationship, a man and a woman ought to care for one another. But some women feels so entitled that they only expect a man to take care of them without reciprocating the gestures.

It's very wrong for a woman to bring that statement of "can you take care of me" when I ask her out, is like an insult on the boy face, I brandish her a red card immediately she makes such just like the lady is feeling superior over the boy, okay lady let's answer this question what happen to taking care of the boy.

I detests selfish women, and I believe so many others do.

Only simps welcome such shit

PS: I've braced up for your criticisms, insults and cuss words.

Feminists, what do you have to say.

Alpha males, what's your take on this matter.

White Knights, let's hear you out.

Is it right or totally wrong for a woman to pop that question "can you take care of me" when you ask her out?

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White Knights


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