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Fruits of a purposeful relationship

I have met so many people who are into Relationships, but only a few who are really happy in it.

I have met so many who wakeup in the middle of the night because they can’t sleep and are losing their minds, and there is a probability that you are one of them.

I have also met many that got into relationships and have spent so much money buying phone credits that they use in quarreling over and over the phone, and when the Credit expires, they get more, and continue shouting on each other again.

P A U S E and T H I N K!!!

The relationship is going nowhere, but what does it matter; it seems they are enjoying the show anyways. But then, i know that a lot of people stay back in Relationships that are not making headways because they had very boring lives, and won’t mind some DRAMA in it.


✓ Is it so you can have someone to quarrel with?

✓ Someone you can keep telling others about how badly he or she treats you?

✓ Someone who you claim gives you sleepless nights?

✓ Someone you have to stalk to know if he or she is cheating on you?

✓ Someone you can hate for finally hurting you?

✓ Does it not bother you if the person you are with has got the same goals with you in life or not?

✓ Did you get into that relationship because you want the affections that comes with it?

✓ The ecstasy?.... Or

✓ The adventures?

✓ Does it trouble you wether or not the person you are with may just want to fill a void?

✓ An emptiness?

✓ Or to run away from loneliness?


The kind that he or she will continue to tell you that all relationships have their ups and down, and that when people quarrel so much in relationships like you are doing, it’s because they love each other so much?

Well you may believe that, but I don’t.


Hey! hear me.

When you are in a great relationship, even your friends will know. Even your soul will know... PEACE.

° You begin to do extraordinary things..

° Break barriers because you've got an extra hand to help..

° Your friends can tell because they will see you happier than you use to be.

° You will smile more

° Dress better.

° Love life more.

° Blossom.

° Grow stronger.

° Be open to try new things because you are not alone anymore..

° Go to new places..

° Mingle with friends at ease because he/she has become a part of your social life..

° Find more interesting activities to participate in..



You can’t hide a good relationship; neither can you hide a bad one. Relationships can be the best thing that has ever happened to you.

Relationships are meant to be your treasure, and not your pain!

There's never a "late time" to make things right if this article is talking about you, please!!

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