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3 Ways To Avoid Being Blackmailed By Your Partner In A Relationship

Having a relationship is one of the risky things any adult can ever do in life. It is so due to the dynamic and unpredictability nature of humans. If only people can fully have access to the heart of others to see their intents towards them, some of the ugly experiences they experience in the course of their relationship with their partners would have been averted. Sadly, we can't absolutely tell what people have in stock for us until they display it through actions. You may not understand what the Holy Book meant when it states thus, "the heart of 'man' (male and female alike) is desperately wicked" until you find yourself hurt by those whom you love and trust with all your whole being.

There are certain unexpected unpleasant things we can receive from those who supposedly love us but one of those things is blackmail. A lot of us may still find it difficult to understand what it means to be blackmailed by someone they once see as their all in all. Blackmail is any unhealthy move made by someone with the aim of making their partners to do things they would not want to do on their own. Basically, blackmailers carry out blackmailing acts just to get money from their victims, get even with the blackmailed or make them act against their freewill. No matter the goal those that blackmail stand to achieve, it most times cause those who are blackmailed tears and pains.

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Nonetheless, there are certain ways people who are in a relationship can save themselves from the stress of being blackmailed by their partners. Some of them include but not limited to the following:

1. Avoid infidelity in your marriage.

Blackmail can happen to both single and married people. However, one of those people who can feel the pains of blackmail more are the married ones. More often than not, a married man and lady will expose himself/herself to blackmail through cheating on their husband/wife. In fact, they are mostly targeted considering the fact that the relationship with the blackmailer is a secret one. Married people can be blackmailed when they are no longer interested in their extramarital affair with the fellow they are cheating with. In the process of trying to pull out, the blackmailer can threaten to expose his/her married lover to the husband/wife through photos or past written conversations. At times, those that blackmail also use it as a means of exploiting money from their married lovers. In a nutshell, getting into an extramarital affair with someone else can make you vulnerable to blackmailers. So, the best thing is for you to stay clear from it.

2. Avoid sharing your n*de with your boyfriend/girlfriend.

Even though there are other ways through which people can be blackmailed, one of the common ways is through threat of PUBLICLY exposing the n*des sent to the blackmailer. This can take place when your boyfriend/girlfriend want to force you to do something for him/her or when your relationship is over but he/she still want you back into his/her life. Assuming the person in question has your your pictures without clothes, he/she can cajole you to do what they want from you. So, resist the urge of sharing your nude with that man/lady all in the name of love. It may not end well in the future.

3. Avoid having a relationship with immature people and those who do not truly love you.

One thing I am so sure of is, someone who TRULY loves you from here to the moon and back will not make any attempt to blackmail you, come what may, because he/she is already aware of the pains it will cause you. On the other hand, one of the things that would want to use the means of blackmail to get what they want are not mature enough. To avoid being caught in the middle of blackmail related issues in your relationship, take your time to study the maturity level of the person as well as how much love he/she sincerely have for you.

Blackmail can deposit you into the world of depression. Try and observe the aforementioned ways to be free from anything called "blackmail".

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