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12 Reasons Women Leave Men They Love – What Every Man Needs to Know

Women tend to invest heavily in a relationship; we put our heart and soul into it. We have blind faith, we give a lot around us and we love Him boldly. We don't put ourselves first when we're really in love. My girlfriend fell in love with a man who mistreated her in many ways. She trusted him and gave him everything he had. She refused to see the false box of perfection she had created herself. Her idea of ​​a perfect relationship was narrow-minded and superficial. She did not realize the mistake she made on herself; until she finally lost contact.

Men want to be chosen by a strong and independent woman; the kind of woman who knows she deserves to respect herself and knows how to make people respect her. The moment a woman learns self-esteem, she gains the ability to better appreciate her relationship. She is preparing to leave the man she loves because she knows her love for this man was for the wrong reasons. Thingdo nonsense suddenly starts to make sense.

Here are some reasons why women leave men they love.

1. Lack of common interests is not a good sign

Okay, before I say anything, I want you to know that people change over time. It could be you, or it could be your partner. It is true that negatives attract, but you both need to have some common interests. If you are in transition, it is not necessary for your partner to move in with you. It was these very common interests that both of you initially helped; their absence will drastically affect your relationship.

The Girldo girl should question her decisions. My ex-girlfriend once loved so many things about him, but she told me that by the end of the relationship, he disliked almost everything he did as if she tended to like it.

2. Lack of communication will kill you

Women need someone to talk to, it's impractical for a man to be with her all the time, but if you miss him most of the time, you give her one less reason to continue. If you're not with her every time she needs you, it means practically asking her to move on. My ex-boyfriend would go missing for days without any explanation.

And when you are "there", I also mean that you have to be mentally present. You have to "listen" to it, not just shake your head at everything it says. Pay attention, become a valuable part of the conversation and make the conversation lively. This is the only way to strengthen communication between the two of you and your relationship will be great.

3. Physical intimacy is very important

after divorce

Women need as much physical intimacy as men. If you stop making sexual advances or don't take care of her needs, she'll definitely think someone else is taking care of your desires. She will certainly feel unwanted and worthless, which will be very damaging to your relationship. Being physically intimate says a lot of things without the use of words. Yes, not everyone who falls in love, but love is the main reason people have s3x.

If you take care of your partner and their needs in bed, they will have the assurance that your relationship is worth holding on to and that there is a spark between you. And I'm not talking about lust here. Lust can only survive for a while; love lasts forever. You can only long for someone for so long, and then it will disappear and you will no longer be attracted to them. If you love someone, you naturally feel more attracted to them.

4. selfishness takes over

The more you invest in the activities you enjoy, the less time you give her, the more distorted she starts to feel about the relationship. We women want to have priority; we don't want to be treated as a convenience. If you are left alone, she will show some resistance, then she will seriously consider leaving you alone for good. There is no "I" in a relationship. Remember that a relationship is a combination of things, connected, which gives you both reasons to love each other. If these connections no longer exist, your wife will no longer be inclined to stand next to you.

The best thing a woman needs is safety and security. If you do not keep your promises and make no effort in your relationship, she will live up to it little by little, to a point where she would no longer want to perform and will definitely seek a new romance. A woman, unlike girls, does not believe in fairy tales. She is a practical person, and although she would be very much in love with you, she would have no reason to continue, and if she does, she will leave.

5. Insecurities

Insecurities act like slow-acting poisons, slowly killing any relationship from within. When a person is insecure, they project a certain negative atmosphere towards others. The danger does not go away, and it can cause you to lose people. If a woman thinks her husband is insecure, it is a great return. A man should have confidence in his wife, he should not fall in love and should not ask her a million questions every day.

If you are THIS insecurity with the person you love, it means that you do not like it, love comes with confidence and trust kills insecurities. Learn to trust your partners! I was also an insecure person and it only caused me pain throughout my relationship. I was immature and my immaturity made me hesitate about every little thing my partner did and chased them away from me.

6. Lots of lies

Everyone occasionally lies. Is it okay to lie? No at all. It is not acceptable to lie to the person you love, your relationship is based on the trust you have between the two of you, and you just go out the window lying to your partner. Somehow they will eventually discover that you lied and this will be the end of your relationship (or at least the trust they had in you will never be the same again).

Once you lie to someone, you lie again. I deal with people who have lied and hidden things. They are no longer in my life because you can not trust a liar. If you do not want to take your wife away from you, do not hide things and do not become a liar. Speaking the truth can hurt them or you, but it will not be filled with much guilt and much smaller lies to support that first lie. Speak honestly and be honest!

7. There is no personal space

For the same reason, one of my best friends recently split up with her boyfriend. He never gave her a space of his own. Not at all! Personal space is extremely important to our health. We can not be ourselves with anyone else if we do not spend time alone with ourselves and do our activities outside of our partners. Our “time” and our hanging out with our friends keep us healthy and happy.

If you want your wife to love and respect you, give her the space she needs to grow independently. You will not be a bad friend if you let him breathe alone!

8. Being too cold or 'emotionally unavailable'.

Being emotionally unavailable is one of the worst things you can do to your partner. She doesn’t want you to sit with her, go to fancy dinners with her, watch a movie with her, and be “absent” during all of these things. She wants you to be emotional; she wants you to understand; she wants your love and affection, not your money, etc.

People who are not emotionally available to their partners for a long time often become completely distant from them in the long run, damaging their relationship to a point where they can not get back. Be there for her, listen to her pain, be there for her in her happiness, that is what she wants.

9. Try to change it

Remember that you love her for the person she is, not for the person you want her to be. We should all be loved for who we are; is what we deserve. You do not have to be with someone who is constantly on the move to change everything for you. If you stay with such a person, you will slowly move away from the person you once were and you will no longer be able to get to know yourself once they are done with you.

If you try to change your wife, you are not in love with her. You are simply in love with an idea of ​​her and her just the way you want her to be. People do not fall in love with the intention of changing the people they love, love is transparent and does not require change. If you love someone, you love them for who they are and not for what you can do for them. That kind of selfish love only leads to strife, strife, remorse, and eventually separation.

10. Do not give her enough time

I have said this in many articles that time is one of the most precious gifts you can give to someone you love. When you spend time with someone, tell them that they are important to you and that their friendship means a lot to you. People who tend to be "very busy" often end up alone, but still keep busy. Do not become the person who does not have enough time to spend with their spouse / girlfriend. If you are too busy for a few days because of business, she will understand. But if you get in the habit of not spending time with him and labeling him as "I'm just really busy with everything right now,"

She will look at you and the thought that "my husband has no time for me" will greatly hurt him. I am a busy person, I have a private company and I also have a full social life. But I always spend enough time with my girlfriend so she never feels alone. When she's sad, I'm here to support her. If she is happy, I have the right to share that happiness with her. Don't get too distracted by a "I'm too busy for you" vibe, or you'll soon be filled with loneliness and no one to talk to.

11. Compare her to others

This is the most common, one of the most common reasons why women leave the men they love. When is it when they compare their wives to other women (on a dangerous level), especially when they compare their wives to their experiences, this is just a big NO!

You cannot compare just one person to another person; everyone is different in our way of doing things and everyone has a unique personality, it is very unfair to them if you compare them to someone else (or complain about not doing something like they used to). It is a great extinction, and it also makes the woman feel that she is not appreciated for what she is and that she is simply scrutinized and that all her actions will be judged and criticized.

12. Ignoring small things (small efforts)

In my experience, some things are more important than big gestures when it comes to relationships. Those who pay attention to the little things are the people who will always be happy because they have no standard of happiness, they find joy in the smallest ideas and the lowest efforts.

Those who pay attention only when something great is people who will not always be happy in life because they will never receive beautiful gestures and ordinary things in life. Learn to appreciate the smallest effort and make your women feel appreciated.

Content created and supplied by: Olujire (via Opera News )


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