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Man seeks advice with his relationship status with his biological sisters

Man seeks advice with his relationship status with his biological sisters

The picture depicts a confused man.

Here is another intriguing story of a young man who is currently in a state of quandary, according to him his biological twin sisters are pregnant for him at the same time and he is at a loss on what to do.

See the thrilling story as shared by relationship expert Osigwe Omo-Ikirodah of iRelationship make or mar.

Hello, Osigwe please share, thanks a lot for this awesome platform in which you have created to help people sort themselves out.

I am at a loss on what to do. Presently my biological twin sisters are pregnant for me at the same time and I don't know what to do. But before you crucify me let me tell you the genesis of my story and how I came about this present crisis.

Four years after my parents gave birth to me my mum got pregnant a second time. I later learnt that this pregnancy was a subject of controversy between my dad and my mom. I gathered that my dad caught my mum with a Turkish based merchant in bed and decided to severe the relationship, at this time my mum was already heavy.

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Shortly before my mom gave birth she moved out of our matrimonial home, then we were staying in Dolphin estate in Lagos.

My mom is from Abia State I learnt she relocated to her State and told my dad that the pregnancy was not for him.

That was how my dad held on to me and left her since then I have had little information on my mom's whereabouts.

Two years ago I was posted to Rivers State on a new assignment as a project manager in a big oil firm. the salary was good and encouraging.

Within a month of my resumption I met this beautiful lady that goes by the Name Nkechi she is very pretty and intelligent, she was attached to my office as a Youth Corper. A very resourceful personality.

One thing led to another and we are presently deeply engaged in a relationship. Currently, she is carrying my baby.

This is where the whole confusion started, about six months ago I was transferred back to Lagos and my fiance Nkechi who was retained in our company as a staff had no choice than to stay back in Rivers.

We agreed that when we get married I would work her transfer to Lagos. We are planning to get married in February 2021.

Nkechi is about four months pregnant.

Now about four months ago I met this pretty insurance sales girl in Lagos by name Ndidi, she is very smart and hardworking, her precision to details is quite fascinating, I immediately took an interest in her and one thing led to another we became very close.

Ndidi, as I speak, is about 3 months pregnant for me.

Now, this is the intriguing aspect Ndidi and Nkechi are both twins and are my biological sisters.

I know you would be wondering how I slept with my sisters, but unfortunately, Ndidi and Nkechi are not identical in any way.

My mum preferred to name them after her own father's name claiming the kids belongs to neither my dad nor the Turkish merchant who has since died over a decade ago.

Please I don't know what to do, I and Nkechi are engaged and presently Nkechi or Ndidi does not know the current state of things. They are still oblivious of the fact that both of them are pregnant for the same man who they profess to love, how much more the man is their biological brother.

I knew all this fact when I hired a private investigator to dig into the two ladies background so I would choose who to marry only for me to find out these facts.

Now my dad and my mom are also unaware of what is going on here.

Please any meaningful advice would be well appreciated.

Your main fan.....Banki.

So what advice do you have for Uncle Banki? Should he terminate both relationship? And what happens to the unborn babies?

Should he also inform the dad first? He seems not to be in touch with the mom as well, please drop your comments let us have your opinion on this pressing matter.

Credit Source: As Shared by relationship expert Osigwe Omo-Ikirodah.


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