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PHOTOS: 7 Times African Men Proved To Us That They Could Be Stronger Than We Thought

Today, we will be looking at 7 photos of African men carrying huge bags of cement using either their teeth, hands and even their chest. I did some research and I found out that, the human body is truly amazing, for example the human chest, can withstand a weight of about 1200 pounds. Based on the background of these pictures, most of these men were photographed at a construction site, so it is possible that they were dared to do it by others. Please note that a typical bag of cement weighs about 94 pounds, as we glance through the pictures we will be doing some mathematics to find out how much weight these men are really imposing on their bodies. Let's begin.

From the camera angle, that this picture was taken, this man is carrying about 6 bags of cement and remember that a bag of cement weighs about 94 pounds. So that means this man is carrying about 564 pounds on his chest. That's almost half of what the human chest can withstand (1200 pounds)! This man is a true superhero.

The men in three pictures above, can be seen carrying a bag of cement with their teeth. This is possible because the human teeth can withstand about 200 pounds of pressure. Remember, a bag of cement weighs about 94 pounds. So these men are carry about 47% of the pressure their teeth can withstand.

The human skull can withstand about 1400 pounds of pressure, so it is quite intriguing to see their men carry these bags on their heads.

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