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5 Common Ways To Deal With A Childish Partner.

Behaving childishly is similar to behaving in ways that seem to be irresponsible or lacking maturity. Research has shown that most adults tend to act childishly in their association with the people around them, their work environment and even in their romantic relationships. Well, it is important to know that people of this nature are usually the way they are probably because of excessive parental care, their position in the family, or other related factors.

As an individual who might be disturbed about the childish tendencies of your romantic partner; it then becomes important to adopt certain practices which will help curtail the situation. See them below. 

1. Talk maturely to them.

Establishing a mature system of conversing with your partner is one of the proven ways to discourage childish behaviour in them. This can be achieved by being serious in whatever instruction you give to them, or in your conversation. The reason for this practice is to constantly remind them of the need to be serious most especially in regards to important issues. Doing this consistently will inculcate an attitude of seriousness when handling crucial matters.

2. Pay attention to their needs.

This could be their physical, material or emotional needs. Research has shown that adults who tend to behave immaturely are controlled more by their emotional instincts than mental reasoning, hence; they are easily triggered by emotional things. As an individual who is probably engaged with an individual of this sort, it then becomes important you pay more attention to things that affect their emotions because it is only on this ground they interpret love and care.

3. Set a good example and be a role model.

It isn’t enough to tell them what to do and what not to, but you should set a good example on the exact outcome you want from them. This can be in the way you talk, your gestures, attitude to things and situations and the way you relate with others. The rationale behind this mentorship is to motivate them to behave in the same manner as you do.

4. Set clear boundaries.

Setting clear boundaries in one’s relationship is an essential instrument that can be used to control certain behaviours and attitudes. For instance, revealing your likes and dislikes to your partner, and equally making them know what gets you upset is important for building a healthy relationship. Such practice will help curtail or discourage certain attitudes, most especially the ones that reveal immaturity.

5. Spent time apart.

The use of short-time isolation can sometimes be impactful in dealing with the excesses of a childish partner. For instance; absenting yourself from your partner who behaves childishly will help him or she become emotionally strong and independent. The rationale behind this act is that your absence will prompt them to become emotionally and physically responsible.

6. Appreciate their good behaviour, most especially when they act maturely.

Psychological research has revealed that ‘appreciation’ is an important factor that can be used to encourage certain behaviour. In other words, most people tend to repeat a particular gesture or trait when they are been appreciated for it. Thanking your partner for doing something impressive is a motivating factor that will most likely encourage the reoccurrence of such behaviour.

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