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See what your birth month says about your personality.

The month you were born could say more about you, your personality, love life and many more.

This method of using personality to determine birth month is an ancient method used in determining when someone was born because it is believed that people with some common personality are born in the same month.

It's indeed a real philosophy because people of the same month do have some common Personality.

Talking about the month and personality; scroll down to your birth month and I will tell you what your personality is.

1. January

People born in January are reserved, serious, motivated and are born to be leaders. They are outstanding and their display of charisma is high. They are attractive, sociable but as much as they could be nice, they are sarcastic and very stubborn. They don't focus on people's flaws and they always want to make people happy.

2. February

People born in February are known to be attractive humans with a good heart. Relationships are important to them as they always want to keep a beautiful relationship with a good partner. People born in February are realistic, intelligent, attractive, shy, humble but are temperamental. They are always loyal and honest and love to be in a quiet place.

3. March

March people are often lucky people because they are always at the right place and at the right time. Relationship doesn't really matter to them. They are most times not loyal to their partner but once they love, they love deeply. They are understanding, sensitive, honest, shy, reserved and really very secretive.

4. April

People who are born in April are ambitious and charismatic. They are stubborn, bossy, creative and loveable. They are always surrounded by friends and families. They are decisive, active, dynamic and emotional. They make the best friend as they are always loving, caring but can regret it for being too hasty.

5. May

As much as May people are nice, you can get irritated by their stubbornness and their high ego. You have great amount of respects for friends. They can be stubborn but they are hardworking and beautiful. They are strong willed, hard hearted and they are always motivated.

6. June

People born in June are fantastic lovers, very sensual and romantic and can be jealous. Sometimes getting too attached to the past, forgetting to live in the moment. They are talkative, intelligent, friendly, daydreamer, humorous and also very stubborn and temperamental. Most times, indecisive and cannot confide in others.

7. July

People born in July are very candid, sympathetic, sincere, and well loved by those close to them. July people are known for their clinical and sarcastic behaviors. They are funny people, secretive and honest, friendly and temperamental. Very caring but sometimes moody.

8. August

People born in August are humorous, romantic, generous, sensitive, egoistic, fearless, brave and possesses every other qualities of a leader. They can easily be angered because they are temperamental.

9. September

When it comes to relationship, people born in September are very picky but they are always the right one when they pick you. They are loyal and generous. They are sympathetic, calm, quiet and always very careful. They love to be in an organized environment. Intelligent and often very spiritual.

10. October.

People born in October are really loyal people, fair, opinionated, emotional and honest. People born in October can be a bit revengeful and argumentative but once they manage to fight this inner demons, they succeeded beyond their wildest dream and often become very popular leaders. These set of people value relationship. They love to chat and meet new people. Often sexy and prone to loose confidence easily. They get angry over little things but they have the biggest heart.

11. November

They are positive and determined. Always strive to succeed and secure a beautiful future. They are psychic, they have lots of great ideas, hardworking, romantic, sensitive, empathetic and dynamic. They have lots of great ideas and are determined to succeed in life. They feel insecure in a relationship.

12. December

Love find this people easily. They are lucky with wealth. They are trustworthy, patriotic, interactive, generous, sexy, honest and attractive. They are not egoistical, they love to be loved and they are real. They never pretend to be something they are not. Very ambitious and hardworking and future always bright.

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