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How Attractive Are You? Take This Personality Psychology Test To Find Out

What is so attractive about you? Why do you think you have a lot of admirers, people that like you or for some of you less admirers.

Well, in this article, you're going to test yourself with 4 psychology questions. Don't cheat, this is not an exam that someone is going to mark your script or check your result.

Just answer the questions then you pick your points based on the answer you chose and make sure you remember them because at the end of you'll need to add them up. Remember! Don't cheat.

1. What is your 1st impression when you look at the mirror every morning

a. No impression --30 points

b. I am ugly. --20 points

c. I am annoying. --10 points

d. I am georgeous - 40 points

2. What do you think about your dress sense

a. I love it --40 points

b. I don't really dress the way i like because of people comments. -- 10 points

c. Could be better. --- 20 points

d. I am too lazy to dress up the way i want - 30 points

3. How much do you like horror movies

a. Not really. -- 30 points

b. Horror movie freak --. 20 points

c. Why not. --. 40 points

d. Not at all. --. 10 points

4. According to you, what is your best quality

a. Being sociable. -- 40 points

b. My imagination. --. 30 points

c. Patience --. 10 points

d. Having hope in the impossible - 20 points

Add Your Points

If You Got Close To 40 Points

* Your will power, accept it or not, you are a good fighter in life.

If You Got Close To 80 Points

* Your courage is what is so attractive about you

If You Got Close To 120 Points

* Your cutest looks, your eyes, face body and hair, you know it inside but you don't accept it.

If You Got Close To 160 Points

* Your self confidence, no one is more attractive than you.

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