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3 Things You Shouldn't Do When You Have Feelings For A Girl

Have you seen a girl in your neighborhood that you gave feelings for? If your answer is yes, here are a couple of things that you shouldn't do.

1. Don't Send Someone To Go Meet Her On Your Behalf

Asking one of your friends to go talk to her on your behalf would make her see you, someone who is not serious. Even if you're the shy type, meeting her yourself would definitely give you some extra points in winning her over.

2. Don't Try To Impress Her

When guys have feelings for a girl, they immediately start doing things that they don't normally do just to impress the girl.

The funny thing is that when a guy is trying to impress a girl, the girl usually finds out and when she does, the possibility of something ever happening between you guys would be zero.

3. Don't Die In Silence

If you have feelings for someone, just walk up to that person and express yourself to her, the worst thing that could happen is her rejecting you, which is even not bad as you think.

If you allow the fear of rejection stop you from expressing yourself, you might just end loosing your future partner.

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