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Lessons Learnt From Death of Emmanuel Evans And His Girlfriend

The death of a loved one is something that really hurts people beyond imagination. This is because of the bond they have shared with the deceased over the years. However, when people lose a loved one through suicide it becomes a very big problem that makes them begin to wonder why the person took such a decision.

The news of the death of a young man known as Emmanuel Evans and his girlfriend Amaka Okafor came as a shock to many. This is because their death appeared to be suicide. This is conclusion was made after a container of a poisonous substance was reportedly found close to their bodies. Emmanuel Evans left a suicide note on Facebook some hours before his death, and it appears that he was suffering from depression. In the suicide note he also tagged only his girlfriend Amaka Okafor. Check out his last posts below.

After going through his post I have learnt some lessons that I would also want people to learn from.

Firstly, no matter how comfortable our family members or friends look, check on them always. This is because you might have loved ones, or family members who are looking very ok because they post nice photos and videos of their lives. Sometimes these things can make you feel everything is good with them, but we should learn to always call them, and visit them once in a while to really know what's going on with them because people hardly post their problems online. When you are able to really speak to people one on one they tend to open up and then you can help them.

Secondly, money isn't everything. From the suicide note posted by Emmanuel you will notice that he made a comment about money not being everything. Most people think that having money is the best thing anybody can experience however, there are some problems that go beyond having money. Some of these problems might be mental problems that are very hard to treat even with money, some might be marital problems or family problems that money can't even solve. these are some of the things that really affect a human's mental health, and can make them take deadly decisions.

Do not overlook checking up on people, it is very important. You might be saving a life by constantly checking up, calling, and advising people.

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