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4 Reasons why It May Not Be A Good Idea To Date Your Best Friend.

Everyone has the right to marry whoever he/she wants to marry. What matters is to be happy in your relationship with the person you married. However, there may be reasons while you may not choose to marry your best friend. I know he/she is your best friend, you know each other too well and you will possibly be thinking that alone can make the two of you be a perfect couple if you are both married. But marriage is a different thing entirely. What works as a friend may not work as lovers.

Below are some reasons why you may not consider dating your best friends.Photo Credit: Google Image

1. You may lose your friend forever. Your friend is someone you will want to run to when you have some challenges with the person you are dating. This is because you know that he/she will be able to give you good advice since he/she will be the same gender as your lover. But, when you start dating your friend, it means that you don't have a friend you can seek advice from in case of any challenge in your relationship because he/she is now your love.

2. You may not be able to correct him/her the way you should. When you are in love with your best friend whom you grew up together. You may not want to get him/her angry and that can make you not be able to correct him/her the way you want. Even if you do, he/she may become very upset and wondered why you should speak like that.

3. S_x will make things change. Once you get involved in s_x, the way you see yourselves will change from just a friend to a lover. You may discover some changes in him/her. You may notice that the way you talk to each other has changed also.

4. You may not be able to hide things. Your best friend may know you more than your biological brothers. He/she has been with you from childhood. You may not be able to surprise him/her. He/she may be able to guess when you are hiding something.

5. Your friend may hate you if you break up with him/her. You may be in love with somebody and if along the line, you see something you cannot coup with, you may say you are not interested anymore and go your separate ways. Even if he/she said he/she will not talk to you again, you will still have your best friend handy. But if you discover something you think you can not continue with your best friend who you are now dating. It will be difficult for you to break up with him/her. This is because breaking up with him/her is putting an end to your friendships. He/she will be affected and may not want to have anything to do with you anymore.

These are the reasons why it may not be a good idea for you to date your best friend.

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