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3 Places You Can Hold Your Woman In Public

There are certain body parts of a woman that you should show a great deal of care and respect for as a man because it goes a long way in proving certain points to your woman and the public in general. Below are 3 places that you can hold your woman in public:

1.) Shoulders: To me the ultimate feel of friendship between a man and a woman in public is by him wrapping his hands around her shoulders or even just placing one of his hand on her shoulder, I tend to admire it a lot when I see a guy walking with his girlfriend and has his hands placed around her shoulders.

2.) Lower back: Nothing feels better than patting and holding your woman on the lower back while in public, this is one of the most gentle ways that you can use to prove your respect to her as a woman. Women also love it when their men slightly grip them on their lower back region as it indicates a sign of protection and dominance.

3.) Hands: Another place that you should hold your woman in public are her hands, don't walk with your with your woman and not hold her hands the entire time that the both of you spent outside together. When you hold your woman's hands in public it shows a great deal that you want her close at all times.

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